Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

The Chihuahua is a very small dog with a huge personality. Chihuahua is a national symbol of Mexico. The Chihuahua is a smart and entertaining breed and is one of the oldest breeds in the United States.
The Chihuahua is a well-balanced, cute dog that weighs no more than 6 pounds.
The round “apple” head is the hallmark of this breed.
Ear and Eye:
Chihuahua has Standing ears and full, glowing eyes.
Colour and attitude:
They come in many colors and patterns and can be long or short. The types are the same except for the color. Chihuahuas have loyalty, attention, and a big dog attitude.

Do Chihuahuas like to be cuddled?:

Chihuahuas are known for their lively, loving, and heart-melting style, Chihuahuas love to hug their loved ones. They enjoy sitting on their master’s lap. Especially in cold weather, wrapping gives them warmth and comfort because they are small in size.

Chihuahuas are Easy to Train:

Chihuahuas are a particularly enlightened breed and, as a result, are easy to train for obedience.
Most dog breeds are bright, but some are brighter and easier to train than others, and a human can easily train them.

Brain and body of Chihuahua:

Chihuahuas have larger bodies than brains, but they are not highly intelligent dogs.

Classification of Chihuahuas in dog breeds:

In fact, he ranks almost 67th on the list of smart dogs.

Duration of the walk for Chihuahuas:

A good walk around the small park will give these little legs the exercise Chihuahuas need to stay happy and healthy. According to The Kennel Club, these little dogs only need 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Sleep care for Chihuahua:

Chihuahuas are especially known as burrowers, which is why they are more likely to sleep under the Cover. Chihuahuas do this not only for fun but also for relaxation. Even if your home is not cold, you are more likely to sleep under a Chihuahua wall because this is where it feels safe.

The average age of Chihuahua:

The average age is 12 to 20 years.
1-Eggs are perfectly safe for Chihuahua dogs, eggs are the best source of nutrition for your dog’s companion.
2- Milk in small quantities is safe for dogs.
3- Chihuahua dogs can eat peanut butter unless it is fed in moderation and does not contain xylitol.

Dangerous food for Chihuahuas:

These are the most dangerous foods for Chihuahuas, followed by foods that are not toxic but still harmful.

  • Chocolate
  • Onions, garlic, leeks, and chives
  • Artificial sweetener (xylitol) in gum and mints
  • Certain peanut butter brands
  • Corn on the cob
  • Cooked bones
  • Avocado

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