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How to Make a Concrete Decking Frame

For a long time, homeowners believed they couldn’t build a decking structure on their cracked concrete slab. The good news is that concrete may now be used to construct decking frameworks. So, if you have an old concrete slab that has to be replaced, you may simply cover it with composite decking. The procedure is simple if you understand what is required and are familiar with the stages from beginning to completion. It’ll be as simple as pie to build a decking structure on concrete if you know what you’re doing. This article demonstrates how to construct a decking structure on a concrete slab in great detail.

Steps Concrete Decking Frame

Step One – Examine the Condition of the Concrete

Before you begin constructing the decking structure on concrete, assess the concrete’s state to determine the degree of the damage. If all you want to do is hide cracks and craters, you shouldn’t be concerned because they won’t harm your komposittrall. However, if the concrete is significantly broken and some of it has fallen below the surface, you should talk with one of our experts who can analyze the situation for you. Before you build your composite decking structure on top of it, ensure the concrete is firm

Step Two – Get the Complete Set of Equipment

If you want to install your composite decking frame yourself, you’ll need certain equipment. A hammer, drilling machine, nails, screws, boards, measuring tapes, shovel, digger, and markers are all necessary tools. If necessary, a hammer will be required to shatter the concrete surface. You’ll also need a measuring tape to determine the length of your decking and mark the locations. For your decking structure, you’ll need planks that have been pressure-treated with chemicals to ensure that they survive a long time. Because your boards will come into touch with water, this is necessary. A drilling machine is useful because it allows you to pre-drill the plank before installing it.

Step Three –Install the Sleeper System

We recommend that you do not put your decking frame directly on the ground when installing it. This is because if the joists are installed on the ground, water will contact them, causing them to rot. As a result, your joists should be installed on a sleeper system. Place the planks in the water’s flow direction. By glancing at your house’s wall, you may determine the direction of water flow. The boards should be laid such that they face the wall rather than running parallel to it. Water will be able to flow from the wall and out of your decking frame as a result of this. The joists can be installed after the sleeper system has been installed. It’s worth noting that, in addition to treated planks, aluminum may be used as a sleeping system. Aluminum is preferable because it does not absorb moisture and does not decompose.

Step Four –Set up the joists

The joists are a collection of boards that have been chemically treated. Your decking boards will be laid on top of these planks. Take note that your decking frame is made up of the sleeper system and the joists. Start by fastening your joists to the sleeper system using screws and clips. Pre-drill the wooden frames to prevent them from splitting. Then, until you’ve completed installing everything, you may link the joists to one another.

Step Five – Install the Composite Decking Boards

The next step is to install the composite decking planks on the joists. You should begin on one side of a wall or an edge and work your way to the other. Install the first set of boards with beginning clips. After that, you may use intermediate clips to install the remaining boards. construct a concrete outdoor deck The beginning clips contain hooks that keep the kompositbrädor in place, whereas the intermediate clips are T-shaped. Two decking boards will be held in place at the top of the T. Make sure there’s at least a 5mm space between the boards. This is used to expand and contract. After placing the boards, you may add a fascia to the edges to finish the aesthetic.


If you know-how, you can put a decking structure on concrete. To achieve the best results, make sure you follow the instructions indicated in this article.

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