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What are the effects of screen time for children and the limits for this

During this Covid-19 pandemic, we know screen time spent by our children is increasing, let us know the effects of screen time in this article.

what is screen time?

Spend on watching any type of digital screen including televisions, smartphones, personal, computers, laptops, video game consoles. So all these devices, they used to have the CRT screens nowadays they have LED screens the amount of time spent on watching these devices is called screen time.

What is happening to screen time

Every one of us knows that the screen time is increasing in fact in a recent US study. It is observed that even less than 2 year old children spend around never more than 42 minutes per day watching screens. It increases to more than 7 hours for teenagers that are between 13 to 18 year old. So screen time is increasing for increasing use of social media and increasing use for educational purposes. this pandemic no changing socio-political socioeconomic status all these have resulted in an increase in screen time.

 so that is give reputable what is this due to the children what are the health effects of this increasing screen time. The most important effect of screen time on the help is on sleep increasing Spain time definitely has an adverse effect on sleep. it leads to shorter sleep duration, poor quality of sleep, delayed onset of sleep. So all parameters of sleep are disturbed why is it?. so the blue light emitted by the screens is like sunlight. The screens are now a wide spectrum of light. But specifically the blue light inhibits the release of Melatonin

Melatonin is secreted by pineal gland in the brain of humans this melatonin is essential for inducing and maintaining sleep. This is a screen hormone that is a calming effect but the blue light specifically prevents the secretion of melatonin. so you watch the screens at night. so this has an effect in delaying sleep so that’s why screens stand to have a negative effect on sleep. outcomes apart from sleep what are the other health effects of sleep the more time you spend on now watching screens. it leads to lesser physical activities so obesity and physical fitness take a hit from more children or more adults become obese.  their physical fitness levels also decrease because of that decrease in physical activity and the secondary nature when you are watching screen. They have any effect on brain development, especially in children. especially in growing the brain especially in children less than 5 years of age. so you have more screen time in young children they can have delay in speech delay in social development for delay in brain development can happen. if there is excessive screen time especially for younger children even older children as well as adults can have other mental health effects. 

so they can be aggressive and they can not lose social skills. so interpersonal communication behaviour analysis all these will be lost. if you are excessively engaged on screen they are not able to read human emotions. A study shows persons with higher than normal screen time vs no children who were restricted screen time. The children who are restricted screen time tend to become known to emotional cues from humans better than those who watched more screen time. This even with just a week off increases screen time so that’s what happens to that no person to person communication and behavioural skills.

what about academic performance

No academic performance is especially dependent upon the quality of the content which you watch. it is not a straightforward relationship like normal increased screen time is leaving now. it depends upon the quality of the content which you watch but even then excessive screen time. if the screen time is properly monitored and if it is kept no within limits and the contents of good quality. This main factory is helpful in improving academic performance.

Recommended time limits for different ages for under 2 years

So having seen all these health effects of screen time, what are the recommended time limits for different ages? For under 2 years of age that does from newborn to 2 years of age all the body’s American academy of paediatrics, WHO  academy of paediatrics, all the recommending bodies are advised. not to use screen time except for video chatting especially this becomes important in case of light covid-19 dubbing. where everybody is isolated so to improve social skills probably. You can have video chatting for younger kids who are not seeing anybody else. especially in these times of pandemic but otherwise no screen time should be allowed for younger children less than two years of age. What about 2 to 5 years of age? The recommended time limit, especially for 2 to 4 years, is just one hour per day. and this too should be supervised, what about older children no more than four years. more than five years of age. again I know during pandemic times most of the academic sessions are happening online. so screen time has to increase but this needs to be monitored proof babli under adult supervision. If anything apart from now your academic programs are watched, these should be with family and even beyond 13 years. 

If the test is 3 years the content of social media should be restricted or should be supervised. You cannot let children have unlimited screen time at any age even if there are more than 13 years of age. There should be some restrictions in place that I am not saying you need to invade for privacy but the time should be restricted.  whatever possible outdoor activities should also be encouraged. There are other effects associated with screen time such as how to watch this without having no eye strain or back problems.

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