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Top 10 best pet Shops in Dubai

Always look for the pet in the place where it was raised. The owner of Pet Shops in Dubai can use epidemics as an excuse to see you somewhere and will often rent a house to sell puppies, so it is important to take care of all warning signs.
Make sure you see the dog’s mother. Having a mother with her dog and having the opportunity to discuss matters with the breeder are important steps in buying a dog safely. Remember, some dealers will use unrelated fake mom, but if she is not paying attention to the puppies, or if she is not looking at you when you talk to her dog, she He does not have a mother.

The safest way to find a dog is to not search for your dog through an online advertising website. Seek recommendations from your local doctor, visit local dog clubs, find a breeder with a proven history and good reputation, or consider bringing your dog or puppy back to the home center.

Where can I buy the best quality pets in Dubai?:

There are the top 10 best pet Shops in Dubai. They have been working for the last few years and you can count on them to buy your beloved dog in Dubai.


We offer a full-service daycare facility at our pet hotel, the pet grooming spa uses only the highest quality pet products and unique pet accessories.
Pet World was established in September 2007 in Jumeirah 3 as a neighborhood pet Shop in Dubai. We have a wide variety of designer products for your pet and we are dedicated to spoiling them. Our goal is to cater to pet owners in the U.A.E. Who consider their pets important members of their family.

2. PET GO:

Complete categories, services, and pets. The best pet shop in dubai that cares for both consumers and pets. Not only the service they provide but also the feelings they give to you and your pet.

3. Pets on Click:

Pets on Click was founded in December 2014. Originally from the United Arab Emirates, Pets on Click identified a regional location for high-quality pet food, accessories, and other related products. Since then, we have become one of the leading retailers in the region in this area.

We are proud to provide customers with the best products and exceptional customer service. Pet food supply is our core business that makes our business model unique in the Gulf.

4. The Pet Shop:

The Pet Shop is a leading retailer of pet goods, accessories, and aquatic products in the Middle East. Founded in 2011 by Charlotte and Anders Jorgensen, the company grew from its small villa in Dubai to the largest retailer of pet food and supplies in the region.
The pet shop is dedicated to bringing joy into the lives of pets and their pet parents every day. In addition to our wide range of products, we also offer a wide range of services to assist you in your journey as a loving pet parent. These include pet migration around the world, as well as mobile and in-store grooming for dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals.


Petzone is one of the largest pet shops in Dubai,  UAE. Our reputation has grown tremendously over the last few years with an expanding team and a focus on a number of exciting goals ahead. We offer a wide selection of high-quality puppy supplies, services, solutions, and expertise to improve pet care while providing the best leading international brands in the market.

6. Petsky:

With many years of service for puppy parents, Petskyonline is a leading pet Shop in Dubai retailer with a passion for providing healthy and pleasant experiences for pets and their loved ones. We do this by providing products, services, advice, and experiences that keep pets physically fit, mentally alert, socially engaged, and emotionally happy.

7. PetsOnline:

At Pet Online, we have a variety of pet foods available online. Shop online with our large inventory and bring it to your doorstep. Whether you want to buy a pet for life or its accessories, we’ve got you covered. In our online pet Shops in Dubai, you will find many brands for maintaining a healthy diet for your pets. From wet foods and dry foods to special treats, we have everything for your pets on our online racks. If you are looking for the best pet store in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact us at pet Online.

8. Animal World Petshop:

Founded in 1981, Animal World Family is the oldest specialized pet retailer in the UAE providing services and solutions for pets’ lifelong needs. In the animal kingdom, we love pets, and we believe that pets make us better human beings. Every day with every relationship, Animal World’s passionate partners help bring pet parents closer to their pets so they can live more fulfilling lives. This vision affects everything we do for our customers, the way we help our peers, and how we give back to our communities.

9. Happy Dolphin Pet Shop DIP Dubai:

Happy Dolphin, one of the well-known online pet Shops in Dubai, UAE, was established in early 2017 and named after our cat Dolphin the Siamese. Our store does not support the sale of small or large animals and we encourage you to adopt shelters and rescue, there are many pets that need a permanent home. Happy Dolphin Physical Retail pet Shop opened in February 2021 in Green Community DIP. Welcome to choose and purchase from our amazing selection of international pet food brands, treats, pet toys and all pet needs.

10. Petholicks:

Petholicks found in 2017 where you can find your best dog! Featuring purebred puppies and kittens that are hand-picked and certified, our unique nursery environment is perfect for you to play with before you decide to take our pets home. ۔

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